Ready to send us your tracks? Here’s how to prep them before sending our way:

  • Headroom

    Aim for peaks of about -4db on your mix bus meters and/or rendered/summed pre-master files.

  • Specs

    We only work with .wav or .aif files, ideally at 24-bit/44.1 kHz (or greater) bit depth/sample rate.

  • Naming and Packaging

    Please send all tracks in a single .zip folder, named with the Artist Name & Album Title on the folder itself, spelled out exactly how you want them to read on your final masters. Please order the tracks as you wish them to be sequenced. If doing vinyl or cassettes, please include the side splits. If you are doing instrumental versions, please include them in a subfolder.

  • Delivery

    We accept all files through WeTransfer via the Send Files button below. Please include any reference tracks and any notes in a .text doc along with your pre-master files. Any ISRC/UPC codes should be included in the text document.


Use the contact form to get in touch and receive a quote for your project. Please include the following info:

  • A short project description (e.g. artist name/label)
  • Release format (e.g. vinyl, digital, cassette, CD)
  • Total number of songs and length of material
  • Billing contact (name, email address, and phone number)
  • Desired timeframe for project delivery
  • Any questions you have that aren’t addressed on the website

Please don’t send us files without contacting us first. We won’t reply.

We look forward to hearing from you.

    Ready to submit?

    Once we’ve been in touch and confirmed our work together, and you’ve prepared your files to the specifications outlined in the checklist above, use the button below to send us your files.